Inmate Phone Service

A GTL AdvancePay prepaid account must be set up for an inmate to make calls or receive voicemail messages.  There must be sufficient funds for a call to go through.

To add funds to an inmate's account, you will need to know the inmate's 9-digit pin number. You will need to put zeros in front of the inmates name number to make this 9-digit pin number.

Once you know the inmate's name number, visit the GTL AdvancePay website at ConnectNetwork.com or call (800) 483-8314 to add funds to an inmate's account. Funds can be added using debit or credit cards, checks, money orders or Western Union. 

Instructions to leave a voicemail for an inmate:

1. Call (520) 448-3426 for the GTL Voicemail System
2. Select language
3. Enter the inmate's name number
4. Begin leaving a message at the sound of the beep

  • Messages can be up to two minutes long
  • Cost per message is $2.00 and is deducted from the AdvancePay account
  • Cost is non-refundable

Customer Service Information

AdvancePay Accounts: (800) 483-8314
Websites:Connect Network or GTL
Customer Service:(866) 230-7761
Fax Number:(251) 473-2802
Hours of Operation:Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Central
Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Central 

To learn more about our E-Message services please visit the Postal Service page.