Tablet Services

GTL’s GettingOut provides wireless tablets to incarcerated individuals at the Pima County Sheriff's Department Adult Detention Complex  to give your loved one additional ways to communicate with family and friends, as well as more access to education, vocational training, messaging, and multimedia content.   

  • ​​​​​​Video Visits
    It’s not always easy to have in-person visits at the facility, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected.  Your incarcerated loved one can initiate a video visit with you with “Visit Now." Just answer the video call from your GettingOut Visits app for Android or iOS. Plus, all incarcerated individuals receive one (1) free visit per week.
  • Messages   
    Just like letters in the mail, messages are also appreciated–just get there faster!   Message each other online or with our free mobile app for Android and iOS.   
  • Photo Sharing   
    Photos help connect your incarcerated loved one to you and your life. Whatever you send, it’s sure to bring a smile to their face–and remain a cherished keepsake.   Share photos with our free mobile app for Android and iOS.   
  • Education Content   
    Your loved one has access to helpful education content including GED, law library, reentry programs, and other facility-approved content.  
  • Multimedia Content   
    Incarcerated individuals also have access to a variety of multimedia content like music, movies, and games.  The ways to pass the time on the tablet are endless!  

Accessing Tablet Services   

Tablets will be provided at no cost to incarcerated individuals, although access to certain premium features, such as streaming music services, may incur charges.   In order for your incarcerated loved one to send messages and access to the premium tablet services, they must have funds in their PIN Debit account.  

Step 1: Fund Your Loved One’s PIN Debit Account at ConnectNetwork
Money can be sent to an incarcerated individual's PIM Debit account online at: web.connectnetwork.com. They then can use the funds for both, PIN Debit calls and Tablet services.

Step 2: Fund Your Family & Friends Account at GettingOut 
To exchange messages and send photos, you’ll also need funds in your “Family & Friends Account” via GettingOut.com or mobile app.    

Step 3:Start Connecting!   
Once there are sufficient funds in your and your loved one’s account, you both can start benefitting from the tablet services.