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Crime Statistics

Border Related Crime Statistics

The Pima County Sheriff's Department's Border Crimes Units are responsible for the enforcement, interdiction and tracking of border-related crimes.  Their efforts since inception in 2007 have lead to the apprehension of more than 400 alleged criminals involved in drug, vehicle, weapon and human-trafficking related crimes.

Current and Previous Years Statistics

The Pima County Sheriff's Department strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date statistical information as possible. The statistics provided on this site pertain only to calls for services administered by the Pima County Sheriff's Department. Our Intel Unit is currently testing new software that will allow for user interaction when requesting certain types of statistics. Please continue to check back periodically for updates to this page. The Pima County Sheriff's Department assumes no liability for inaccuracies.

Background of Uniform Crime Reporting

high_risk_stop_rev.jpgThe Committee on Uniform Crime Records was established in 1930 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. This committee developed and initiated a voluntary national data collection effort. To best depict total crime and provide the most meaningful data to police administrators, it was determined that the Uniform Crime Reporting program would specifically collect data on known offenses and persons arrested by police departments. The FBI serves as the national clearinghouse for statistical information on crime.

The reporting of offenses was limited to specific crime classifications - crimes that are most likely to be reported and most likely to occur with sufficient frequency - to provide an adequate basis for comparison. These crimes classifications are broken down into two (2) categories, Part I Crimes and Part II Crimes.

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