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Foothills District



Foothills District Office - map
7300 N. Shannon Road
Tucson, Arizona 85741-2137
Phone (520) 351-6311

Catalina Substation - map
15631 N. Oracle Road
Tucson, Arizona 85739-8691
Phone (520) 351-6411

The Foothills District is the busiest patrol district in the Pima County Sheriff's Department and serves the largest population base. It encompasses an area stretching from Campbell Avenue to the east all the way to Tucson Mountains on the west and from the Tucson city limits north to the Pinal County Line. The cities of Oro Valley and Marana are located in the middle of the Foothills District; each city has their own police department.

To cover this vast area, the District is divided into two sections, the main District office and a substation.  Both offices are staffed Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, 8:00am to 5:00pm to assist the public and respond to inquiries.

On average, the Foothills District handles approximately 4,300 calls for service each month. Approximately 82% of the calls for service are within the metropolitan area of the district. Following is a breakdown of calls for the three areas of the district:

Metropolitan: 4,000
Catalina: 300

The Foothills District is staffed with one lieutenant, six sergeants, sixty-four deputies, and three civilian personnel. The majority of deputies are assigned to patrol functions. There is also a Directed Patrol Unit, comprised of one sergeant and four deputies, that concentrate on specific problem areas throughout the district. Other specialized units are also available as needed.

Foothills District personnel commonly make presentations to citizen groups, schools, churches, and specialized groups such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. If you are interested in learning more about the Sheriff's Department, or even your neighborhood, please feel free to contact the main District Office or substation in your area.

Directed Patrol Unit

The Foothills Directed Patrol Unit consists of a sergeant and four deputies who have extensive experience working in the Foothills District. The Pima County Sheriff's Department strongly embraces the philosophy of community policing, which is a partnership between law enforcement and the community. The mission of the Foothills Directed Patrol Unit is based on the community policing concept. Deputies, along with the community, share the responsibility of identifying, reducing, eliminating, and preventing problems that impact community safety. By working together we can reduce the incidents of crime, improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods and workplaces. In this effort, the Foothills Directed Patrol Unit works to identify and prioritize problems. Proactive problem-solving strategies are developed and implemented to address identified issues. The strategies used have been successful because they mobilize the efforts and combined resources of law enforcement, the community, and local government.

The Directed Patrol Unit analyzes statistics and monitors crime to identify specific problem areas and then conduct operations to target ongoing criminal activity. Directed Patrol is able to focus on a specific area or problem, while regular patrol units continue to handle calls for service. We utilize a variety of traditional and non-traditional investigative tools in an effort to reduce crime trend hot spots, deter future crimes, identify perpetrators, and arrest suspects in the commission of a crime. Some of these methods include decoy operations, covert surveillance, use of informants, and undercover operations. We also act as a link between centralized detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division and Counter Narcotics Alliance and the Foothills District. We assist with investigations, the service of search warrants, and special operations. Directed Patrol deputies routinely participate in community organization meetings and neighborhood groups.

The Directed Patrol concept involves community support. Currently, the Directed Patrol Unit is involved in Operation: Flowing Wells Safer. In conjunction with the Meth-Free Alliance the Unit, is working to empower the citizens of the Flowing Wells community to take back the neighborhoods from a methamphetamine epidemic that has long plagued the area. As a result of this project the Unit has established the Meth-free tip-line at 520-351-6329. The public is encouraged to leave information regarding criminal activity for follow-up by Directed Patrol deputies.

Working together we can make Pima County a safer place to live.

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