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Job Description: Summary

deputy_on_radio.jpgUnder general supervision: Performs law enforcement work of moderate difficulty in enforcing laws, maintaining order, protecting life and property, and investigating and assisting in the prevention of crime. Performs related work as required. Work may be required on weekends and holidays according to assigned shift and duties. May be assigned to any geographical area or functional unit of the department.

This classification is the entry-level commissioned officer in the Sheriff's Department and is actively engaged in law enforcement activities. It is distinguished from Sergeant which has supervisory responsibilities for a unit or an assigned shift.

Duties & Responsibilities

(Work assignments may vary depending on the department's needs and will be communicated to the applicant or incumbent by the supervisor.)

  • Patrols assigned area for the prevention of crime and enforcement of laws and ordinances;
  • Responds to request for law enforcement services and takes appropriate action;
  • Arrests violators of laws and ordinances, and ensures violators are booked on charges;
  • Escorts prisoners to jail and court;
  • Enforces traffic laws, directs traffic, and provides information concerning the location of streets, routes, and buildings;
  • Investigates and prepares detailed reports of collisions;
  • Investigates suspicious conditions, activities, or persons;
  • Investigates and checks for wanted or missing persons and stolen property;
  • Participates in the operation of various units and the service of civil and criminal subpoenas and other court orders;
  • Participates in riot and crowd control;
  • Controls and restrains potentially violent persons;
  • Prepares a variety of reports;
  • Conducts investigations of criminal cases and gathers, preserves, and analyzes facts and evidence;
  • Follows up on preliminary investigative reports;
  • Interviews complainants, accused, witnesses, and the preliminary investigating officer, and records statements and testimony;
  • Prepares and submits reports of criminal offenses, including modus operandi and description of incriminating evidence, for determination of guilt and prosecution of charges;
  • Prepares material evidence for courtroom presentation and testifies in court on various matters, including findings of investigations;
  • Provides information to attorneys and other authorized persons;
  • Assists in rescue activities for sick and injured persons;
  • May be assigned limited supervisory duties on a temporary basis.

Knowledge & Skills

Knowledge of:

  • Pertinent federal, state, and local laws and ordinances;
  • Law enforcement support service and investigative work;
  • Law enforcement practices and procedures;
  • The principles and practices of leadership;
  • The social sciences as they relate to public service and law enforcement;
  • The roads and routes within the County;
  • The rules, regulations, and policies of Pima County and the Sheriff's Department.

Skill in:

  • Observing situations analytically and objectively, making quick decisions, and recording information clearly and completely;
  • Managing situations firmly, courteously, tactfully, and impartially;
  • Preparing and maintaining records and reports;
  • Communicating effectively, both orally and in writing;
  • Reacting quickly and calmly in emergencies;
  • The safe operation of a motor vehicle;
  • Performing work which requires good physical condition and physical strength;
  • Performing defensive tactics which require quick reflexes, agility, coordination, and strength;
  • Understanding and following written and oral instructions;
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with the public, department members, and others;
  • Obtaining valid information by interview and interrogation;
  • Gathering, analyzing, and evaluating facts and evidence;
  • Safely using of law enforcement equipment.
  • Operating a laptop/desktop to include word processing and spreadsheets
  • Operating a smart phone or similar type device
  • Firearms tactics and operation and accuracy in shooting

Essential Functions

Ability to:

  • React to physical confrontations and emergency situations quickly and effectively;
  • Stand and sit for long periods of time;
  • Bend, reach, kneel, and crouch;
  • Climb up and down stairs with speed and agility;
  • Perform tasks requiring dexterity and agility after running moderate distances;
  • See and recall visual details;
  • Hear and understand speech and radio transmissions;
  • Lift and carry up to 75 pounds;
  • Perform multiple physical tasks simultaneously;
  • Drive an automobile;
  • Qualify with a department authorized firearm and defensive weapons
  • Wear required uniform articles and safety equipment for extended periods of time
  • Wear and use a respirator
  • Communicate clearly in person and via a police radio and/or phone

Other Requirements

A high school diploma or General Education Development (GED) certificate.

Possession of an appropriate category Arizona driver's license is required at the time of appointment.


Special Notice Items:
At the time of appointment, must be 21 years of age, a resident of the State of Arizona, registered as a voter in Pima County, able to read and write the English language, and eligible to be certified by the Arizona P.O.S.T. This class specification is intended to indicate the basic nature of positions allocated to the class and examples of typical duties that may be assigned. It does not imply that all positions within the class perform all the duties listed, nor does it necessarily list all possible duties that may be assigned.

Pima County (Revised 03/17/92)
(Updated 08/04/95)
(Updated 11/24/96)
Modified 05/04/04 PCSD

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