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Community Problems

The Community Problems Unit is part of the Crimes Against Property section of the Criminal Investigations Division.  The unit is one of the busiest in the section. The Community Problems Unit is responsible for investigating crimes associated with violations of court orders, disorderly conduct, harassment, criminal damage, theft (not from a motor vehicle or vehicle parts), prohibited possessors, trespass, shoplifting, and metal theft. Many of the cases the unit investigates branch into other sections of the Criminal Investigations Division.

One of crimes plaguing the community and has increased drastically is the theft of recyclable metal.  Criminals will strip metal from just about anywhere: new construction, older buildings, vacant buildings/residences, and public infrastructure.  The unit is part of a task force comprised of other local agencies and businesses to combat metal theft and share information (http://mpaaz.org/advocacy/metal-theft-task-force).  If you suspect recyclable metal theft or observe suspicious activity, report it immediately by calling 911. Never approach suspects yourself.  Legitimate maintenance or repair personnel are usually in vehicles marked with jurisdictional signage and government plates. 

If you have any information regarding the crimes the unit investigates, you can report it through the 911 system or by calling 88-Crime.

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