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Identification Unit

The mission of the Pima County Adult Detention Centers Intake and Identification Unit is to safely process all in coming Newly Arrested individuals. Corrections Officers conduct Searches and Metal Scans depending on the nature of charges. Intake Officers also conduct random Morpho Trace drug screens combined with the appropriate level of search to prevent contraband from entering the Pima County Adult Detention Center.

Trained Intake Officers are responsible for a multitude of tasks throughout their shift. They are tasked with finger printing and photographing all new arrestees , conducting video court, they conduct all DNA swabs when appropriate, and insure new arrestees are classified for their appropriate housing units. Intake Officers inventory Newly Arrested individual’s property and photograph all tattoos checking for gang affiliation. During the intake process these officers deal with intoxicated and physically combative Newly Arrested individuals. Intake Officers are responsible for the Overall safe and secure operation of the Intake and Identification Unit. Intake Officers will process and release newly Arrested individuals who have been released at court.

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