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Training Center

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department Training Center is comprised of the Commissioned Training Unit and the Corrections Training Unit.  Each unit is responsible for training new recruits as well as facilitating continuing education courses for Department members. The Training Center is a regional facility servicing multiple agencies for the basic law enforcement academy. The Training Center staff is comprised of multiple positions including:

Class Officer- the class officer is the primary trainer, mentor and motivator for new recruits. It is the responsibility of the class officer to ensure the class is provided with the level of instruction and training necessary for academy graduation.

FTO/CTO Coordinator- the field training/corrections training officer positions oversee all aspects for post academy training of recruits including organizing schedules, assigning recruits and training officers, conducting phase boards, and oversight of the progress for each recruit.

Defensive Tactics Coordinator – the DT coordinator assists in authoring lesson plans and conducts use of force training, techniques, skills assessment, and practical application of approved methods for various types of defensive tactics.

Class Counselor – the class counselor provides a support role to academy recruits and acts as a coach and mentor. They also keep track of daily progress for a group of recruits, participate in scenario based training, and provide assistance for many aspects of the academy.

In addition to the academy staff, several certifications can be obtained and guest instructors are relied on heavily for both advanced officer training and academy training. Some of these include:

  • General Instructor
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Driver Instructor
  • High Risk Vehicle Stops Instructor
  • Taser Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics/Impact Weapons Instructor
  • Physical Fitness Instructor

Pima Regional Training Center

The Pima Regional Training Center (PRTC) is a training facility comprised of multiple handgun ranges, rifle range, tactical range, DT area, and a live fire house. It is also equipped with multiple classrooms and training areas to suit a wide array of training needs. The PRTC staff is responsible for facilitating advanced officer training as well as annual firearms and other qualifications/certifications. The staff at PRTC includes:

Lead Firearms Instructor- the lead firearms instructor oversees firearms drills and qualifications, authors lesson plans for advanced officer training, conducts remedial instruction as needed, and completes many of the administrative functions necessary to conduct training.

Firearms Instructor- one full time instructor is assigned to the range to assist with a heavy workload in coordinating firearms and other training.

Armorer- the armorer is in charge of light maintenance of all weapons as well as inventory of firearms, ammunition and related items. The armorer also serves as a firearms instructor and assists with many portions of training.

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