Word From the Sheriff

As school has started again, I am hopeful you had an opportunity to vacation with your families this summer and are ready for the busy months ahead.  In this issue of the Field Release, you will find that our Air Unit personnel completed training on the use of the Department helicopter’s hoist system.  I am very pleased to say that it was none too soon, as they put their skills to work within days of their training and saved their first lost hiker during a search operation on Mt. Lemmon.

I would also like to take the opportunity to extend my appreciation to all of those who were honored for their work this past quarter.  Through their actions, they have shown their dedication to the community and this Department.     

In the last issue, I mentioned the years ahead will bring promotions and changes within the Department.  With the retirement of Lt. Scott Martin, there are many sergeants who are diligently preparing for the upcoming promotional process and I wish them success in their endeavor. 

I am relieved to tell you that Deputy Jesus Davila is recovering quickly from his gunshot wound and is looking forward to returning to work.  Please keep him in your prayers as he continues to heal.  As a member of our PCSD family, I am certain we all wish him well.

I thank each member of our organization for what you do every day.  Your commitment and dedication to the success of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department is what makes us a leader in the field of law enforcement. 

Hoist Training

Recently, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Air Unit was afforded a unique opportunity to train with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department in air rescue and hoist training utilizing the Department’s new American Eurocopter AS350B3e helicopter.  San Bernardino is located east of Los Angeles with a terrain very similar to Pima County.  They have a densely populated metropolitan area, sparse desert and mountain peaks that tower over 10,000 feet in elevation. The mountains are accessible to the general public, resulting in frequent rescue missions similar to ours.

Our Air Unit, along with personnel from Search and Rescue, spent three days conducting side by side hoist and air rescue training utilizing our helicopter, pilot and crew.  Not only did Lt. Mitch Dattilo and the entire San Bernardino Air Unit welcome us with open arms, but they also provided hangar space for our new aircraft and arranged refueling thus allowing us to seamlessly complete our training.

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Narcotic and Special Investigation Section

On June 30, 2013, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department created the Narcotic and Special Investigations Section (NSIS).  Commissioned personnel and support staff assigned to the Counter Narcotic Alliance (CNA) were reassigned, thus ending our participation with CNA. These CNA positions, along with the Border Crimes Unit and several units within the Crimes Against Property Section were reallocated to create NSIS, which is assigned to the Homeland Security Division.

With the creation of NSIS, the Sheriff’s Department will be in a better position to address community problems associated with drug crimes and to serve the specific needs of the citizens of Pima County.  By bringing these narcotic units together, we will have the ability to focus our investigative strategies to increase effectiveness and efficiency; while maintaining a positive relationship with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in Pima County. 

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The Pima County Adult Detention Center has begun using a software database called AARMS (Accreditation, Audit and Risk Management Security). This software will facilitate an audit of our current policies and procedures to ensure our compliance with relevant case law and court mandates.

The AARMS website is an accumulation of case law as set by the Supreme Court and accreditation standards which dictate Correctional facility operations.  This program allows staff to evaluate the standards of the PCADC in comparison to judicial precedence and identify, if any, revisions needed in order to be compliant.  These court cases are simplified in laymen’s terms so that anyone can audit the system instead of only those proficient in legalese.      

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Deputy is the "Fittest Man on Earth"

Deputy Michael Moseley took first place in his age group at the Crossfit Games held in Carson, CA, on July 23-25, 2013, earning the title "Fittest Man Alive".  Deputy Moseley competed in the 40-44 year old age bracket against 19 other elite competitors.  These top athletes were picked, based on times from previous events, from 6400 athletes located all over the world who submitted entry forms.  Over the three days Deputy Moseley competed in six different events that consisted of several hundred reps of various exercises.  His hardest event was the "Pullgatory" which included three weighted sled pulls, 50 shoulder-to-overhead press (115lbs), 40 burpees, 30 Sumo squats deadlift high pulls (88lb), and a sprint.  While to most this would seem an impossible feat, it was only one of the events he had to complete in. 

Deputy Moseley is known to the Department as a hard working deputy but he also holds titles of small business owner, Crossfit instructor, husband and father.  His hard work and dedication show through in everything he does.  The amount of training and energy invested into becoming the Gold Medal winner is truly admirable.  Congratulations to deputy Moseley on this awesome accomplishment!  The Sheriff's Department could not be more proud of him.

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